President's message to the students

President's message to the students

Dear students

My colleagues and I in the adminstrative department of Almadi Mehr institute thanks God by heart to give us the chance of founding this educational institue ten years ago after the name of the center of univers, imam mahdi – peace be upon him. And in the subsequent years this institute has turned to be one of the important science, training and educational centers for majority of young eager learners.

As the represtative of staff, proudly I ensure you that we have tried to provide a scientific as well as tranquil place for you. My colleagues and I believe  that our students are the pillars of the  institue, so whatever we do is trying for their satisfaction and promotion. It is hoped that all of you consider this heavenly gift and attempt to take the highest portion with your diligence.

Best regards

طراحی سایتطراحی وب سایتسئوسئو سایتبهینه سازی سایتوکیل دادگستریوکیل پایه یکوکیل پایه یک دادگستریوکیل دادگستریوکیل پایه یکوکیل پایه یک دادگستریبهترین وکیلوکالتوکیل دادگستری